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My name is Robeto Ferrer and I am a physiotherapist. During my career I have helped my patients to solve their health problems, injuries and other pathologies applying modern and effective physiotherapy techniques. My treatments are not only looking for health recovery, but also are taking back their regular life in the best conditions.


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My name is Roberto Ferrer and I am a physical therapist, expert and Professor. During my professional career, I have helped my patients to overcome their health problems working with the methods of physiotherapy more innovative within my reach. The purpose of my treatments is not only the improvement of the State of health of the patients, but also of their quality of life so that they are able to resume their daily routine.



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  • Languages : English
  • Qualifications : More than 5 years


Rehabilitation session - 0h 55

Physiotherapy of the pelvic floor

Corrects musculoskeletal dysfunctions, restoring mobility and functionality of the patient.

Kinesio taping - 0h 55

General physiotherapy

Kinesio Taping bandages normalize tone and muscle function, allow limit or promote a movement joint specific.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation - 0h 55


Pelvic floor physical therapy corrects alterations uroginecologicas by weakness or damage to the pelvic floor.

Sport physical therapy - 0h 55

Sports physiotherapy

Sport physical therapy is the specialty that treats and prevents injuries through the use of physical agents.

Geriatric physical therapy - 0h 55

Geriatric physiotherapy

Geriatric physical therapy applies certain techniques to reduce and control the processes of aging in older adults.

Dry needling - 0h 55

Physiotherapy of the pelvic floor

Dry needling is an invasive technique of physical therapy's effectiveness in the treatment of by myofascial pain syndromes.

Neurological physiotherapy - 0h 55

Neurological physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy seeks the restoration of the patients with Central nervous system effects.

Respiratory physiotherapy - 0h 55


Respiratory physiotherapy is, stabilize and prevent dysfunctions and disorders of the respiratory system.

Manual lymphatic drainage - 0h 55

Respiratory physiotherapy

The Manual lymphatic drainage is based on activation of the superficial lymphatic system to drain or move lymph correctly.

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