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My Instagram (@silvia_physio_and_move) account you can discover something more about what I do every day. And any other doubt or question... write to me without compromise, I will be happy to help you!


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I am a physical therapist and in addition to the degree in physical therapy, I have studied the Master in osteopathy (structural, visceral and cranial) and another in Instrumental physiotherapy which gave me official certifications in puncture dry, ultrasound, EPTE, hooks, bandages, acupuncture, etc...
I have special interest also in sports rehabilitation and clinical nutrition.

Each patient is a world, and what I want is to give everyone the tool you need for your healing.
If you are interested @ in know more, do not hesitate to contact me without obligation!




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  • Languages : Italian
Medical Equipment
  • Other services : Personal training


Dry needling - 1h

General physiotherapy

Dry needling therapy is very useful in all those annoyances that accompany us every day and never get to solve definitively.

Osteopathy - 1h

Lymphatic drainage

Osteopathy treatment allows you to see the patient in a comprehensive manner and find the source of the problem, without trying to only its symptoms.

EPTE (electrolysis percutaneous therapy) - 1h

Sports physiotherapy

Through EPTE seek to solve that musculoskeletal pathologies that have been cronificado and are slow to be resolved.

Kinesio Taping / bandages - 1h

Physiotherapy of the pelvic floor

With the use of neuromuscular bandage and therapeutic seeks relief in the event of disease or an improvement of the performance or quality of movement.

Rehabilitation / sports training - 1h

Physiotherapy of the pelvic floor

With sports rehabilitation, we get that athlete, elite or not, get back to their performance in the shortest possible time and with an improvement of these to occur in other injury.

Physiotherapy - 1h

General physiotherapy

Includes all techniques of assessment and treatment of the profession of physiotherapist to improve the quality of life of the patient, any is your problem.

Nutrition - 1h

General physiotherapy

Advise guidelines alimentares for the improvement of the patient, is essential for your full recovery.

Physical therapy / osteopathy home - 1h

General physiotherapy

Argüelles area / Arapiles

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