- What kind of physiotherapists are there in Fixme?

All the professionals that are in Fixme are registered physiotherapists in the Official Schools of their Community. Fixme is in charge of verifying your identity and checking that you are able to carry out your work.

- How do I choose a physiotherapist?

Enter the area and the day you want to have your appointment. Fixme will show you the available professionals. You can select the one that suits you the most, depending on many factors (valuations, price, proximity, specialty ...).

- Can I ask a physiotherapist at home?

Yes, there are several professionals in the Fixme platform who come to the homes of patients to perform the treatments.

- How long is a physiotherapy session?

The time of the sessions is managed by the professional. Normally, a physiotherapy session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

- How do I book a physiotherapy session?

To make a reservation in Fixme, just choose the professional, the day and time you want the session and make the payment online at the time. You will automatically receive a confirmation with all the necessary information for your appointment.

- How long does it take to make a reservation?

The process will take a couple of minutes. Currently and until the professionals adapt to the tool, the physiotherapist will have to accept the session for the appointment to be confirmed. In this way we will avoid overlapping with other possible appointments reserved through other channels.

- How much does a physiotherapy session at Fixme cost?

The amount depends on the professional's rate at 100%. The price may vary depending on several factors, such as the area or the training and experience of the physiotherapist.

- Are sessions more expensive if I book through Fixme?

No, Fixme sticks to the physiotherapist's fee. However, you can benefit from promotions and offers that we launch periodically.

- Are there bonuses or discounts?

Normally physiotherapists make bonuses and discounts for recurrence of patients. You can consult the physiotherapist's profile about their own offers.

- Do I have to pay in advance to make a reservation?

Yes, it is necessary to enter a credit / debit card to make a reservation in Fixme. However, the amount of the session will not be charged until it has been made.

- Can I cancel or change a session already reserved?

Yes, as long as you respect the policy of changes and cancellations of the physiotherapist.

- What happens if the physiotherapist cancels my session?

This is not usual. Still, Fixme is responsible for finding another professional of the same characteristics or refund the amount of the appointment.

- How does the change and cancellation policy work?

Each physiotherapist decides his policy of changes and cancellations, which will be visible in his profile. Cancellation can be flexible (up to 2 hours before the session) or strict (up to 12 hours before the session).

- What happens if I paid the session and the physiotherapist does not appear?

This is not usual. Still, Fixme is responsible for finding another professional of the same characteristics or refund the amount of the appointment. If this happens, get in touch with us as soon as possible at hola@fixme.es

- How do I contact the physiotherapist?

The physiotherapist's data is visible to the patient. You can contact through the routes proposed by the professional (phone, email ...) and you can always contact from your own Fixme profile.

- How do I value the physiotherapist?

After each session you will receive an email from Fixme to assess your experience. It is essential that you do it since you will help future patients to be able to choose properly.

- Can the physiotherapist assess me?

Yes. The physiotherapist also values ​​the experience with the patient. The transparency within our platform is fundamental.