Why Fixme?

We live in a society that advances at the speed of light. When we want to manage health treatments we find ourselves with little solvent systems that are not adapted to the current needs of the patients.

We believe that it is essential to be able to book health 24/7 today, being able to choose the professional that best suits oneself and knowing in advance what other patients think about it.

That's why we think that with Fixme we are covering patients' first-level needs and making physiotherapy more visible, more accessible and transparent for everyone.


If you want to know more about Fixme you can contact us at hola@fixme.es or visit us at our Google Campus Madrid offices, Calle Moreno Nieto 2 28005, we will be happy to help.


What Fixme is not

We are not a franchise.

We are not an intermediary of physiotherapy services.

We do not have clinics in property.

We do not store clinical data of any patient.